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Setting the Standards in Custom Chassis
and Tank Truck Manufacturing since 1950.

For decades, Engine & Accessory, Inc. has produced innovative products and solutions to meet the demands of our customers and their industries. From off-highway to over-the-road, our comprehensive line of equipment provides unsurpassed performance and dependability, offering solutions for a wide range of liquid transport and delivery needs. Through an extensive distribution network, our products are shipped throughout North America and around the world. Focused on the power to achieve exceptional results through exceptional equipment, our proven performance carries on to superior service and support for our customers.

Today, Engine & Accessory manufactures a wide variety of off-highway, custom-built specialty chassis for aviation refueling and ground support equipment as well as other vocational markets. We also manufacture a full line of tank truck applications that include fuel delivery, vacuum, waste oil, water, fire, and just about any liquid transport or delivery need.

Moving forward on the leading edge of technology and experience, Engine & Accessory will continue to enhance our product lines and design new equipment to meet our customers’ demands in an ever changing markets worldwide.

From chassis to tank trucks and beyond, we’re driven to provide your equipment solutions from the bottom up. For design, manufacturing and customer support that can’t be topped, call Engine & Accessory.

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When Engine & Accessory, Inc. started in Miami, Florida in 1950, its business niche was industrial engine rebuilding, a narrowly specialized focus that later evolved into complete truck rebuilding and repair.

By the 1970s, spurred on by rapid growth in the aviation industry, the engineering savvy team at Engine & Accessory enriched their technical capabilities to specialize in refueler repair and refurbishment. With the knowledge gained from working on aviation equipment, the company began a fertile period of creative development that led to the design and manufacture of a new-style custom chassis that took the aircraft refueling industry to new levels in the late 1980s.

With the success of the initial chassis the product line expanded to include a wide range of refueler chassis adopted by major airlines and oil companies. When the business and demands on production grew dramatically throughout the 1990s, Engine & Accessory greeted the new millennium with construction of a state-of-the-art production facility in Miami.

The new facility soon became the site of Engine & Accessory’s most successful business diversification effort since conquering the custom chassis industry: The building and assembling of tank trucks. Serving the refined fuel, heating oil, chemical transport, vacuum, and fire industries throughout the United States, these lines would grow and establish the company in each market and provide a second showcase of highly-skilled manufacturing specialization.

Today, Engine & Accessory stands strong as a three-generation family-owned business with a legacy of cutting-edge manufacturing and exceptional customer service. The tradition continues every day as a dedicated team of engineers, craftsmen and fabricators develop the most reliable, quality-driven chassis and tank trucks available.

Here’s to the next 50 years!

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