From Tank Wagons To Tank Trucks: A History

Liquid and gas transport is a huge industry, but that wasn’t always the case. In the early days of the oil industry, finding ways to transport oil from production sites to refineries was a challenge. Oil was contained in barrels and had to be pulled to its destination by horses. This method presented a variety of logistical and safety problems, so it limited the growth of the industry.

In the early 1880s, tank wagons emerged as a means to transport oil in bulk. These were horse-drawn wagons with large oil tanks affixed to them. Their greater hauling capacity meant that they could transport larger quantities of oil per trip, decreasing overall costs and bringing new life the market.

From Tank Wagons To Tank Trucks

Almost as soon as wagons came into common usage, they began to be replaced with machinery. Oil companies began to use pipelines and railroad tank cars to transport oil across large land distances. Shorter land distances were covered by tank trucks.

Fast forward and tank trucks are most often used to carry refined oil to gas stations. And that’s not all. Tank trucks are used to transport liquids such as petroleum, diesel fuel, and industrial chemicals. They are also often transported by railroad, so carefully designed for safety and easy transport.

Considered specialized pieces of equipment, they must have the proper linings, coatings, and pressure components in compliance with industry standards. Some tanks are divided into multiple sections, enabling the transportation of more than one type of oil at once. Certain types of tank trucks carry cargo besides oil, including food and liquid hydrogen.

Improving Safety Over Time

Since the days of horse-drawn tank wagons, new safety measures have continually been integrated into tank construction. Tanks today are specialized to the type of fuel they will contain, and the operators of transport vehicles receive special training. As environmental awareness and engineering capabilities improve, oil transportation methods continue to become safer and more efficient.

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An Inside Look at Aircraft Refueling

Air travel has revolutionized trade, leisure and communication for millions of people since its invention. Aircraft have a vast number of applications – commercial airlines carrying civilians to work or vacation destinations, shipping companies using planes to move all manner of products around the world; even the military uses aircraft for surveillance and combat. Like any other type of vehicle, airplanes require fuel to continue operating, and aircraft refueling is essential to keep air travel operations underway.

Delivering Different Types Of Fuel

Different types of aircraft require different types of fuel.  Aviation gasoline, or ‘avgas,’ is fuel produced for use in aircraft that fly using internal-combustion engines and is typically utilized by smaller aircraft and purchased by individual airplane owners. Jet fuel, on the other hand, is intended for planes driven by turbine engines. This includes most commercial, freight and military aircraft. Jet fuel is mainly sold in bulk to corporations for use at commercial airports.

Different Fuel Requires Different Trucks

The two different types of fuel needed for differing aircraft engines are typically transported by tanker trucks, however, the same truck cannot carry both types of fuel, as contamination may occur. Aviation gasoline, or ‘avgas’ is carried to the aircraft by a tanker truck that drives up to the vehicle to fuel it up. Jet fuel is also delivered to an airplane in the same fashion – by a tanker truck carrying anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 gallons of fuel.

Heavy Duty Aviation Trucks

Fuel trucks that are ideal for carrying either avgas or jet fuel typically have a heavy duty chassis, an aluminum tank, and a diesel engine to insure there will be enough pulling power to transport the heavy load.  Some operators opt to run a fleet of pre-owned vehicles that have been well maintained, while other operators choose to build a dependable fleet of trucks from the ground up, installing custom items such as pumping systems, drivelines and hydraulics. Of course, proper maintenance is required to insure that these vehicles run safely and dependably.

Aircraft refueling is an integral part of airline operation, and by extension, of many important industries and the services they provide. Without the pipelines, hoses, trucks and workers, planes couldn’t even get off the ground.

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How Custom Trucks Make Airports More Efficient

Trucks are useful tools in many industries. In the airline industry they are the unsung heroes. The trucks do all the groundwork necessary to get those planes into the air. On the tarmac you can find trucks that refuel jets, deliver supplies, load and unload baggage and more. The trucks are a vital part of keeping planes on schedule, which is why innovation to make them more efficient is in such high demand. To meet the need, some producers offer custom chassis and tank truck manufacturing.

At airports, trucks are essential for refueling and ground support tasks. There are many models of airplane, and each has specific fueling instructions. This makes it difficult for just one truck to do the job. Many different types are needed. A customer can provide specifications and concerns, which a truck manufacturer can use to create unique vehicles for all their refueling purposes.

Vacuum trucks can also be seen on any given tarmac. They are needed to clean up any spills, especially liquid, and to drain low or dead end point of hydrant lines. Depending on their application, these vehicles are usually made out of aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel. Custom chassis and tank truck manufacturing allows the client to find the best truck for their airport needs. Each one is designed with convenience in mind. For example, there is a control box that allows the operator to complete his or her task without returning to the cabin. With so many ways to customize, you can create the perfect truck for your needs.

Every airport needs trucks to operate. The trucks refuel planes, carry hazardous jet fuel, deliver food to the planes at the gates, and clean up messes. With all that is required of these workhorses, it is no wonder that custom chassis and tank truck manufacturing has become necessary. This industry allows for innovation which leads to a more efficiently run airport.

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A Chassis Manufacturer Can Help Fill Your Transport Needs

If your business is looking for a specialized vehicle to transport cargo, a chassis manufacturer could be extremely helpful to your organization. Manufactures offer a wide-variety of off-highway and custom-built specialty chassis for aviation refueling and ground support equipment as well as other markets. If you are starting a new transport business or have been in business for years, creating a line of custom-built chassis could be very beneficial.

A chassis consists of an assembly of all essential parts of a truck minus the body. The design of a car chassis will be different form one used for commercial vehicles because of the heavier loads and constant work usage. Types of trucks that can be created by a chassis manufacturer are vacuum trucks, water trucks and waste oil trucks.When you are traveling on the highway, a quick scan of the roads will usually show many vehicles that have had their genesis at a chassis manufacturer. Ambulances, fire engines and other emergency vehicles are created by this type of manufacturer. If you are looking for a fleet of vehicles for your business, creating a chassis may be the way to go because you will have a consistent fleet of vehicles that can support the product you are delivering.

One style of chassis is a front engine with a single or 2-man cab. This chassis is designed with an aluminum tilt hood for engine access. This model can deliver a plethora of different products. Some options for these vehicles are cold weather protection for the engine, air conditioningand a 70 gallon fuel tank.

So if you own a transport company or you are thinking about starting one, seeking the help of a chassis manufacturer could be very beneficial. A representative will be able to assess your needs andhelp you make the best decision for you business. You will have the peace of mind that the equipment you are transporting will arrive at its destination safely because you worked with a company that tailored the chassis to your business.

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Customized Fuel Delivery Trucks Can Get You More Bang For Your Buck

If fuel is an integral part of your business, you will need a fleet of fuel delivery trucks that is well-suited to meet your company’s demands. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for in the marketplace, you may want to consider customizing a vehicle to meet your specific needs. There are some key factors you will need to consider when choosing which features you want for your custom-built truck.

The first thing you will want to consider is the size of the tank for your truck. If your deliveries are limited to local businesses or households, a smaller tank should be able to get the job done. Small tanks typically hold 3,000 gallons or less. If your business handles larger deliveries to filling stations, you will need a larger tank. These are available in capacities upwards of 6,000 gallons. Larger tanks can also be compartmentalized. For example, if you neededfuel delivery trucks capable of delivering different grades of gasoline to service stations, compartmentalized tanks could make this possible in fewer trips resulting in saved time and money.

Another major decision when customizing your truck will be the material of the tank. Aluminum has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Aluminum is less susceptible to corrosion than other metals and thus will last for a very long time. It is also lighter than other metals, meaning your vehicles will consume less fuel and save you money over time. The more traditional material for fuel tanks would be steel. Steel is affordable, durable and environmentally friendly since it is recyclable. For a more high-end look, stainless steel may be the way to go. It holds its shine and gives your tanks a polished, professional look.

Having your fuel delivery trucks customized is a great way to make sure that you are getting vehicles that meet your business’s specific needs. If you need any special services, contact Rampstar Engine and Accessory today!

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Waste Oil Collection Trucks Custom Designed For You!

Let’s face it—the last thing businesses want to worry about is finding a place to dispose all the used oil at your place of business. Not only can improper disposal of waste oil cause a negative impact on the environment, such as polluting clean water supplies, but it could also be a sure fire way for businesses to pay a hefty fine. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer that waste oil collection services are the safest and most affordable options that local businesses have to keep their property and its surroundings spotless.

People in the used oil collection business know that there are several types of businesses that may need waste oil to be collected and removed from their premises. Small businesses like auto repair shops and dealerships have a definite need to have used oil collected on a regular basis. On a larger scale, industrial plants may have an even more significant need for a service that will quickly and efficiently collect and remove waste oil when needed.

Waste oil collection requires theuse of a truck to help you meet this demand and safely transport the oil to its ultimate destination. As a business ownerwho specializes in used oil collection and removal, you have several options to choose from when finding the best quality truck for your needs. These trucks come equipped with sturdy, top-of-the-line elliptical tanks that are specifically designed for storing and securing hazardous waste oil.

When you’re business is on the lookout for a quality solution for your used oil collection and transportation needs, don’t settle for anything that isn’t customized specifically for you. The best waste oil collection truck manufacturers will sit down with you and take the time to understand how they can optimally customize a truck for your business. From the specific design details of the tank to the truck chassis, every detail of the truck can and will be made to order.

In the end, you know that having the best truck and equipment to get the job done is important to you and the businesses you serve. Don’t waste another minute using an unreliable transport vehicle that’s costing you time and money— get a customized waste oil collection truck designed for you today!

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Vacuum trucks that are worth the investment

When you are dealing with hazardous waste or environmental liquid waste at an industrial level, you need a truck that can stand up to the test. Here at Engine and Accessory, Inc., we rise to the challenge, offering you vacuum trucks that you can count on. With the RAMPSTAR series of trucks at your side, you will have reliability and quality when you are on the job. We are dedicated to setting the bar high. You expect excellence when you are ready to invest in vacuum trucks and we deliver. Starting from the bottom up, we’ll ensure that you have vacuum trucks that are worth the investment when it comes to performance.

Custom-Built To Fit Your Needs
Turn to our team at Engine and Accessory, Inc. If you need a job done, you want it to be done right. We will tailor your vacuum truck to meet your demands. It’s up to you as you decide if stainless steel, steel, or aluminum is best for your tanker. Our factory-trained technicians will be with you every step of the way as the design process begins. They’ll take it to the next level to complete manufacturing and offer you customer support whenever the need arises. We know how important your tank truck is for your business. When you need a vacuum truck that is reliable and meets all of your demands, you need the team at Engine and Accessory, Inc.

You Get What You Pay For
We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction. If you need a vacuum truck, or a fleet of trucks, we offer you an affordable option that is ready at the turn of a key. Contact our support staff at Engine and Accessory, Inc. to make plans for your next vacuum truck. We stand at the ready for you.

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Selecting the Right Specialty Vehicle for Your Needs

Whether you are preparing to invest in one new truck or a fleet of trucks for your commercial activities, you want to make the best decision possible. While finding a solution that works well with your budget may be a priority, it is most important to find a solution that meets all of your functional needs. There are a wide range of truck models available for purchase, and there is even a considerable amount of variation amongst specialty truck models. If you are searching for vacuum trucks in Virginia, you want to find a truck model that is best suited for the activity that you plan to use it for.

Vacuum trucks may most commonly be used for activities that include cleaning portable restrooms, providing airport service and providing septic or grease service. There are also general commercial or industrial activities that may require these trucks. While it may be easy to look at these truck models as a single specialty type, the fact is that there are variations between portable restroom units, airport service units and other options. You need to find the best model for your specific needs, and this is something that we can help you with.

If you are preparing to buy new specialty trucks in Virginia, we are ready to assist you with your selection. This is just one of several general truck types that we carry. Our team is committed to helping you make an informed decision that is best for your specific needs. Whether you need to purchase a vacuum specialty truck, a fire apparatus, a clean water truck or some other type of special purpose truck, our team will listen carefully to your needs before recommending a model that is suitable for you. Contact us today to begin receiving the personal service you need when making this important decision.

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Expert Solutions For Aviation Refueling Vehicles

When you have a business that relies on the use of aviation refueling vehicles, finding the right tank truck to meet your specific needs is definitely going to be a top priority. Whether you need a tank vehicle with a capacity of 1000 gallons or one that can hold up to 6000 gallons, quality design and construction are absolutely essential.

At Engine & Accessory, Inc., we know how important it is to have a vehicle that is specifically designed for your industry. Not every tank truck will meet your needs, but with our experienced design crew, we can customize your refueling vehicle so that you have something that is perfect for your particular business needs.

We offer an excellent selection of turnkey aviation refueling vehicles as well as the opportunity to customize a tank truck to your specifications. Additionally, with years of experience catering to a wide range of industries, you can be sure that we have the expertise to ensure you receive the vehicle that is best suited for your aviation refueling needs.

We can ship around the corner or around the world and our experienced team is always available. Whether you have questions, need parts or you need some other type of after delivery service, you can be sure that our commitment to customer satisfaction extends long after your vehicle has been delivered.

When you contact Engine & Accessory, Inc., be prepared for a new level of customer service. We will work with you to make sure that the refueling vehicle you receive is of the highest quality and has been customized to ensure optimal performance and efficiency for your business. Of course, every refueling vehicle we deliver meets all state and federal regulations. When it comes to expert refueling solutions, Engine & Accessory, Inc. is here to help. Give us a call today!

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Why We Are the Leader in Custom Grease Trucks

In every successful business, it is the the infrastructure and logistics that can make or break your company’s ability to provide sterling caliber customer service to clients and turn a profit. This is never more true than when dealing with a company that provides for the transportation and disposal of substances like grease. Regardless of the number of clients, or their own levels of production, quality grease trucks can and will give the transporter and disposal company the leading edge over the competition. Since the 1950s, we at Engine & Accessory, Inc. have dedicated ourselves to offering the very best trucks, chassis, and tanks to clients who believe in getting the job done right the first time. Here are some of the qualities that make our grease trucks second to none on the market:
Our tanks are constructed from stainless steel, bright finish aluminum, or stainless steel. No matter how specific your needs, we ensure our tanks are constructed out of the finest materials. To complement your demands, we also offer a range of tank sizes, from 500 to 5000 gallons, in single or multiple compartments. For the very best in stability, all of our tanks are welded on the bottom with or L sills. While these are just some highlights of our tank specifications, know that all of our tanks are constructed according to the DOT MC-406 standard.
For maximum flexibility our pumping systems can accommodate multiple configurations during the setup process. Our units can be tailored to your specifications, and can fit all major chassis models. We offer a custom service, of the best parts and craftsmanship to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.
Visit Engine & Accessory, Inc. at today view a more comprehensive list of what we can do for you and your grease trucks, chassis, tanks, and anything else you may need. Take your business to the next level and contact us today.

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