Miami, FL

RFRD Series

The RFRD series is a classic rear engine – front elevating service platform – low profile configuration that over the years has proven to be the most user-friendly large capacity refueler on the market. Engine & Accessory Manufacturing adopted the best ideas from this classic design and integrated them with today’s technology to produce the longest lasting, lowest maintenance refueler on the market today. This style of refueler is used worldwide serving commercial airlines, airfreight companies and military applications.

Key Features of the RFRD Refueler

  • Complete chassis line ranges from 75,000 to 162,500 GVWR
  • Basic chassis design for maximum safety and enhanced maneuverability around airport ramps
  • Aluminum one and two-man in-line cabs, designed for maximum visibility and operator comfort
  • Heaviest frame in the industry with added reinforcements for extended life expectancy
  • Extra heavy-duty front and rear bumpers for added protection
  • Standardization of major components
  • Latest Cummins Tier 3 Industrial Diesel Engines for on-site product support
  • Allison Electronic Automatic Transmission
  • Chassis are specifically built for use as an Airport Refueler with special modifications
  • Speed of vehicle limited to under 25 mph for increased safety on and around airport ramps
  • Hydrostatic pumping system driven off the front of the engine, extending transmission life
  • Closed loop hydraulic system, more efficiency with less oil
  • Ease of maintenance and rehabilitations

RFRD Specifications

  • 10” Ship & Car Frame Rails With 8”x6”x1/2” Structural Angle
  • Heavy Duty Bumpers
  • Meritor FL951 Front Axle/s With air Brakes
  • Single Front Axle With HD Spring Suspension, Tandem Front Axles With Hendrickson Walking Beam Suspension
  • Meritor MOR Planetary Drive Axle With Air Brakes
  • Hendrickson Load Cushion Design With EAM Fabricated Axle Saddles And Vertical Drive Pins Supports
  • Michelin 315/80R22.5 Tires
  • Tubeless Hub Piloted Disc Wheels
  • RH Sheppard Power Steering Boxes Connected To Custom Pitman Arms, Engine Driven Power Steering Pump With Large Reservoir
  • Cummins Tier 3 In-Line 6 Cylinder Diesel Engines In Various HP Ranges for Specific Model & Application
  • Dry Type Air Cleaner With Replacement Element
  • HD Radiator with Transmission Cooler, Charge Air Cooler & Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Single Muffler Rear Mounted With Custom Piping
  • 40 Gallon Fuel Tank Mounted On Right Side
  • Electronic Accelerator Treadle
  • Allison 3000HS Transmission With Electronic Controls
  • 1710 Series Drive Shaft/s With Guards
  • Hydrostatic Transmission Mounted Off Front Of Engine To Drive Fixed Hydraulic Motor To Operate Product Pump
  • Gorman Rupp Model 66C3-GE(HYD) Centrifugal Product Pump
  • Custom Made One And Two-Man In-Line Cabs
  • High Capacity Heater/Defroster
  • 12-Volt Multiplex Electrical System
  • Vehicle Brake Interlock System
  • Transmission Shift Inhibit
  • Three Preset Engine Pumping Speeds
  • Front Dash Equipped With Standard Gauges And Switches
  • Rear Instrument Enclosure Provided For Engine Compartment

Refueler Options

  • Cold Weather Protection For Engine & Hydraulics
  • Third Battery For Cold Weather Starting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Spark Arrestor For Exhaust System
  • 70 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Optional Gorman Rupp Product Pump
  • Two-Man In-line Cab
  • Extended Engine & Transmission Warranty
  • Trailer Towing Package
  • Special Options Available Upon Request