Siphon Specialists

  • One SIPHON Vacuum Fire Truck will out perform any two conventional fire tanker / tender apparatus’ in an ISO water shuttle drill.
  • Lower your communities cost of insurance and your department’s ISO rating. Self-filling opportunities with greater fill rates not available with conventional tankers. No hydrants, pumpers, portable pumps, extra manpower, etc. needed at the fill sites to achieve over 1500 GPM fill rate.
  • With pressurized unloading, the Siphon water load discharges at a much greater rate into the portable dump tank. Empty your 3500 gallon tanker in less than two and a half minutes.
  • Deliver a full water load to the scene with ZERO tank spillage onto the roads while driving to the scene with a SIPHON.
  • Load and unload your water supply from left, right and rear sides of the apparatus.