Aviation Refueler

Aviation Refueler

Custom Aviation Refueler Design and Manufacturing

Any successful airport manager knows that one of the most important pieces of ground support equipment is a high quality aviation refueler. A well designed aviation refueler ensures that planes are properly serviced and ready for takeoff on time and even ahead of schedule. At Engine and Accessory Inc., we know that time is money and our refueling vehicles can help keep your facility running smoothly.

For over fifty years, Engine and Accessory Inc. has been a leader in aviation refueler design and manufacturing and we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our custom designed aviation refueler options are optimized for performance, reliability and efficiency and exceed state and federal regulatory standards. Our refuelers can be engineered for a wide variety of applications, from small municipal airports to large-scale airfreight and military operations.

Our Rampstar aviation refueler series are among the most innovative on the market. Take our RFRD models for example. The low profile design and front elevating service platform make it the most user-friendly aviation refueler available today. The RFRD has the heaviest frame in the refueling industry and when coupled with our stock Cummins Tier 3 Industrial Diesel engines, the RFRD is one of the most reliable and longest lasting refueling vehicles on the market.

Family owned and operated since 1950, Engine and Accessory Inc. not only builds the finest custom aviation refuelers in the industry, but we also stock a wide variety of replacement parts to keep your existing fleet running smoothly with same day shipping. If your airport is in the market for a new aviation refueler or needs parts for an older one, call Engine and Accessory, Inc. today at (305) 573-2268.