Aircraft Refueling

Aircraft Refueling

The Importance of a Quality Aircraft Refueling Truck

Operating a successful airport can be a stressful venture. Between scheduling runway traffic and maintaining safety procedures, aircraft refueling is most likely at the bottom of any airport manager’s list of major concerns. Nevertheless, quick and efficient aircraft refueling is one of the most important ground support duties that any busy airport must perform to maintain hectic schedules.

Here at Engine and Accessory Inc., we understand the importance of getting flights in and out and that is why we offer a full line of quality aircraft refueling trucks, optimized for speed and efficiency that can be customized to suit any customer’s specific needs. Our aircraft refueling trucks are custom engineered at our Miami manufacturing plant and are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are among the most reliable refueling vehicles on the market.

Our Rampstar series of aircraft refueling vehicles feature the latest state-of-the-art Cummins Tier 3 Industrial Diesel Engines for the ultimate in durability and hauling capacity. Rampstar series models range from the compact RCHD series hydrant servicer for smaller airports to the extended 162,500 GVWR RFRD-WC series for the commercial aircraft refueling needs of larger facilities.

Family owned and operated for three generations, Engine and Accessory, Inc. has been at the forefront of aircraft refueling vehicle innovation for over fifty years. We are committed to exceptional quality and building long lasting relationships with our customers. If your airport is in the market for a new aircraft refueling vehicle, call Engine and Accessory, Inc. today at (305) 573-2268.